Hell, you could barely find us when we WERE on FM. Streaming stations are more affordable to operate, young people stopped going to FM for music years ago, and between our web player and our partnerships with Apple Music, iHeartRadio and TuneIn—you can get 96X almost anywhere.

No way. You may see an option to upgrade your iHeartRadio or TuneIn app service, but that doesn’t stop you from getting 96X. We’re on the free version.

Not right now. I’ve been listening to all the Memphis music being sent and I’m playing what I think fits the best. Honestly, I can’t do it any better than WEVL, WYXR, Radio Memphis, or the many podcasts focusing on the Memphis Music scene, so how about I just promote those outlets since they’ve been crushing it for years.

Open the Apple Music app, then search for “96X Memphis”. 

First, get the iHeartRadio app on your preferred devices, if you haven’t already. iHeartRadio explains everything really well here. Make sure to ‘favorite’ 96X so that you can get into the music faster!

First, get the TuneIn app on your favorite devices. Here’s everything you need to quickly get set up. Make sure to ‘favorite’ 96X so you can get into the music from the front page.

  • By listening! Stats don’t lie. The more you listen, the more we grow and thrive.
  • By sharing! Please share 96X with your friends. Throw it on at work. Throw it on at the party. Let ‘em know!
  • By participating! Follow us on our socials and participate in the comments. We’re obviously all interested in the same tunes. Let’s get to know one another.
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